Monday, October 29, 2012

Tack Locker

Remote water spicket

Perfect for your garden, don't want to unroll the house every time but need a water source for watering small plants, washing hands, or replenishing animal water bowls.
5 gallon water bucket, with air release, and water valve. Perfect for the coop or small garden outback.
A new hose and sprayer can cost up to $60 and you have to ravle and unravel it everytime fill this up once in awhile and be done!
Now available only $25!


This coop was made for quail, large coturnix quail.
It is approx 9 ft wide, 3 ft deep, and 3 ft high. It has a semi rounded front, but is approx 24 sq ft.
The top and door in front open up for easy access and cleaning.
This coop has 3 small plants in it to keep the quail shaded and they like to lay eggs near the plants.
The coop structure and fencing of this size can be built for $200.
To add plants, border,  and hutch inside is extra.

Dog pen

This pen was custom built on a patio of a townhouse in Anaheim Hills, the purpose was for the dog to be able to go outside without being in danger of coyotes and other animals near the area that roam around. This pen is 9 ft long (left to right in pic), 3 ft wide, and about 2 and a half ft tall. This size cost $260



Monday, October 22, 2012

Small turtle habitat

This is my basic turtle habitat or aquarium.
Perfect for baby red eared sliders or if you want to keep them small. Great for any small water turtle.
The dimensions are 22" wide, 16" deep, and 7" tall.
The habitat can be dry (with no water) and be the perfect little cage for a baby tortoise also.
*Items: filter, air, thermometer, and lily pads are not included. But can be added for additional cost.
Price below includes the tank, custom cut lid so turtles can't climb out, pebble bottom, two sunbathing rocks, and one pvc tube for them to crawl through.

Hedgehog habitat

This is a custom hedgehog habitat perfect for up to 4 hedgies.
This is built out of 3/4" plywood, all glued and screwed together.
This particular one has the plexiglass front, makes cage look bigger, lets in light, and so lil kids can see in easily.
The cage dimensions are 3ft wide, 21" deep, and 10" tall. Plus the 2" guards (so they cant climb out).
The lil house in the corner is perfect for sleeping and getting into the dark.
Cage is easy clean up, and includes one bag of sawdust with purchase.
Cage comes with small house in the corner built in, heat lamp, and ramp toy in the middle.
Nothing else include in price. (bowls, plant, wheel)
$135 with plexiglass front, $110 without.

Quail or small bird coop

This is my basic quail or small bird coop design.
The coop is 3ft wide, 1ft deep, and 1ft tall. The egg room on the right is 14" wide by 12" deep.
The main floor and front is covered with half inch pvc coated wire mesh.
Good for not having there small feet fall through and doesn't rust.
The roof has a 2" slant so water will drain off.
It includes an entry ramp at and desired length this specific one is about 2ft long.
The roof hinges up so easy access to inside for cleaning.
Perfect setup for a small backyard coop.
Additional cost for paint.
Starting at $150

Monday, April 16, 2012

Custom dog house

This cage is the basic model built out of 1/2" plywood with a 2x4 base.
Double house style slanted rooftop, 18" front entry door.
The roof is detachable for easy cleaning and transporting.
Additional cost for adding roofing material and paint.
This model starts at $100

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rabbit cage, perfect for 2 rabbits

My most recent cage i have made here for a customer for there 2 new baby rabbits.
This cages dimensions were 16 inches tall, 15.5 inches deep, and 4 feet wide.
The bottom on the right and front are both PVC coated chicken wire to prevent rust.
Under the floor of the cage was a pull out litter box to catch the dropping (so they wouldn't fall all over the patio)
The area on the left is only 12 inches wide with a small opening in the wall in the middle so they have a small place to cuddle together and keep warm.
This particular cage stands a little under 3 feet off the ground, so the younger kids can see into the cage.
This cage also has a slanted roof on it to divert rain, it was not painted, the customer wanted there kids to.
This particular cage costs $175